“You Don’t Think From Yourself” Book

“You Don’t Think From Yourself” Book

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This book is the journey and path of a life most of you have lived in one way or another. It’s an overview of us living a life in society today, and frankly for the past lot of years and even before us, that few consider thinking about. The words written in this book are questions and thoughts that open up the authority and control you were born with, to see you and the world we live in from a perspective you were meant for living this life.

This book allows the reader to understand why we think what we do, where that thinking comes from, and how to change it if you want to. You’re living a life on this earth; this book is for you to reach inside of yourself and find some answers for you, to questions you’ve never asked.  Notice there’s a lot of “you” in this book, that’s because it’s for you.

This book is presented to start the journey of helping you understand how thinking, thoughts, and our perception are literally operating our lives, and what to do about it. In no way is this book intended to define specifically or define for you the mental or medical terminologies of the words themselves used in this book. The point to this book, and the “book intended” definitions of the words in the book, are to help you understand how your life is operated, and to understand how for you to go on living a life intended, and intentionally by you.

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    Very thought provoking

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