Who is T Allan Piper?


About me

I ran successful businesses for 35 years, and to be honest, couldn’t understand why I was so “lucky”? It turned out luck had little to do with it, and here’s what I discovered:

Discover the Power of Your Thoughts

I had the thoughts of who I wanted to be before I knew that those thoughts were the creation for the blueprint of my life. I started studying how our thoughts affect our lives, that’s when I realized why I was living the life I was. That’s when I realized I had the power to change my life.

A Life of Personal Growth

I am an ordinary individual, much like yourself, self-taught through firsthand experiences that directly contributed to my personal growth, not out of selfishness but to enrich my life to its fullest potential. Similar to you, I believe we each possess a unique purpose in life that we must discover for ourselves rather than inherit from societal norms.

The Reality of Imposed Beliefs

Observing the world around me, I’ve recognized that many people are driven by their own agendas, unwittingly passing on beliefs and truths without ill intentions. Through my extensive involvement in various business ventures spanning over 35 years, I’ve come to understand how our thoughts shape the outcomes of our lives.

Validation in Business Practice

With over 30 endeavors under my belt, I’ve enjoyed a prosperous existence, validating the power of this belief repeatedly. At this stage of my journey, my mission is to impart this knowledge and its workings to anyone willing to listen.

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